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Parent Successfully!

Do you feel tired and worn out every single day?  Are you stressed trying to juggle work, marriage, home, kids AND their activities? If this sounds like you, its okay, you are not alone.  That’s where I come in…

Hello I’m Kiante!

I am certified parent instructor, coach & child life coach.  I am a mom of two girls that are 15 months apart, one loves to do things her way—and only her way; the other has really “big” emotions—especially when things don’t go her way. Both my husband and I work full-time, and when you throw in the girls activities we are a pretty busy family.  I have a passion for being creative and finding different ways to solve every day problems in simple yet effective ways.  I’ve read a good amount of the parenting books along my journey (and I’m still reading) so you don’t have too! #noparentleftbehind

Ready for a change?

I know it’s hard to find the right balance between your career and parenting.  It's even harder to admit when we need help, especially, when it comes to parenting, because the expectation is that we should just “know” how to do it… and to do it well.  I understand the shame, that we sometimes feel, when work seems to take over as our top priority or we just can’t figure out how to manage it all.  I’ve been there, you are not alone, I am here to help.

When you contact me you will be met with understanding and an open heart, to actively listen to you without judgement, I will be that supportive shoulder for you to lean on. I will personally be there for you, step by step, to help you learn and grow into the parent you truly want to be, bringing connection and harmony  into your home. I'll be there with my expertise to guide and support you along your life-changing journey. Together, let's take the next step!

Kiante’s 5 Principles of Success!

Create an environment where your children are cooperative and the family is working together as a team to maintain the values of the home.
Experience inner peace, calmness and balance in connection with your children.
Optimizing small bits of time to build genuine connection with your kids that strengths the physical, emotional and social development of your child.
Understanding everyone's needs & values and learning how to positively enforce boundaries & limits with your children through mutual respect.
Become more efficient with your time to reduce frustration and stress, and be able to handle any curve balls that will be thrown your way.

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